Healthcare Crisis: U.S. and RI Have Record Number of New Coronavirus Cases

Saturday, November 07, 2020


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RI is ranked "Critical" - the only state on the East Coast Source: Covid Act Now

The United States recorded 132,000 new coronavirus cases on Friday, marking the fourth consecutive day over 100,000 new cases.

Rhode Island is the hardest-hit state on the East Coast and the only state ranked “critical,” according to Covid Act Now.



Record RI Cases — 300% Growth in Past Month

Rhode Island reported a record 630 new cases on Friday — 50% higher than the highest number of reported cases in the spring outbreak.

The growing outbreak of the virus is not at the colleges, but in Rhode Island’s general population.

Of the state’s reported 16,436 tests on Thursday, more than one-third of the tests were asymptomatic at the colleges and universities.

The schools conducted 5,848 tests and had only 21 positive cases.

Breaking down the numbers, that means Rhode Island conducted 10,588 tests and reported a net of 609 cases.

The infection rate at the colleges is 0.38 and the rest of the state is 5.71 -- or even higher -- as some undisclosed amount of the state's testing is asymptomatic.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, those testing positive must notify their school or employer that they will be out for 24 days.

"Call the employers and schools of everyone in the house to let them know people will not be at work or school. Plan on 24 days home for everyone living in the house. (This is because symptoms can develop up to 14 days after your last exposure.) RIDOH will give you the exact dates when they call. Watch for symptoms of COVID-19 in everyone living with you," writes the RIDOH in an announcement on Monday.

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RIDOH policy issued November 2


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Hospitalizations continue to grow

Hospitalizations Continue to Grow

Hospitalizations jumped to 187 — the highest number of hospitalizations in Rhode Island since May 31.

Governor Gina Raimondo has warned that the state is on a trajectory to overwhelm Rhode Island’s hospital system. The highest number hospitalized in Rhode Island was 377 on April 28, 2020.

Dr. Michael Fine warns that at the current rate of growth, Rhode Island will exceed 200 cases this upcoming week and the pace of growth may increase from there.




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Dr. Fine warns about rate of growth of cases and Hospitalizations

Fine Says New Restrictions Are Too Little and Too Late

Fine, the former Rhode Island Director of Health, says that the restrictions announced on Thursday are simply not enough to slow the amount of growth.

“We have to take our medicine,” said Raimondo said Thursday. "We can take it now — or take it later. If we change our behavior and rein in our social activity, the medicine won’t be that bad. If we try to outrun the virus, we’ll take the medicine later and it will be much stronger medicine.”

Raimondo provided a graphic showing the new restrictions, and spoke to how the state is going to work to assist those businesses in particular with the earlier closure times.

Raimondo said that most of the orders are “advisory” - but if not adhered to, she will take stronger action. 

“It’s an advisory,” said Raimondo.  “I am strongly advising you — be home in your own house, not at a friend’s or a party. We’re not going to have a heavy-handed approach at this stage. But it’s a big wake up call.”

“I’m asking for voluntary compliance,” said Raimondo.

Raimondo said the earlier closure times are a result of people "letting their guard down" as the night goes on. 

"The later the night goes, the more you let your guard down," said Raimondo. "We have seen spread within parties, when masks are off."


Aid for Restaurants

Raimondo said that restaurants can still offer take-out after the closure time, and that the state will be offering new grants to assist with income loss. 

“If we take our medicine now we’ll be in a better place a month from now — and I hope I don’t have to do more aggressive regulations,” she said. 

The orders will take effect on Sunday

Restaurants and bars will receive grants of $2,000 to $10,000 according to Raimondo. 

“Businesses will have to self attest they were affected by early closure and expect to receive grant within 30 days,” she said. 

The United States recorded 132,000 new coronavirus cases on Friday, marking the fourth consecutive day over 100,000 new cases.

Rhode Island is the hardest-hit state on the East Coast and the only state ranked “critical,” according to Covid Act Now.


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