5 Major Coronavirus Developments - Fauci Warns of Protest Spread - June 8, 2020

Monday, June 08, 2020


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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he's "very concerned" about the protests that have followed George Floyd's death as the events have significantly increased the chance of spread of COVID-19.

He made the comments in an interview with radio station WTOP.

"It is the perfect set up for the spread of the virus in the sense of creating some blips which might turn into some surges...there certainly is a risk," said Fauci


"It's a difficult situation. We have the right to peacefully demonstrate and the demonstrators are exercising that right," he continued. "It's a delicate balance, because the reasons for demonstrating are valid and yet the demonstration itself puts oneself at an additional risk."

"The only thing we can do as public health officials is to keep warning people to be careful. And if you are going out to please make sure you wear a mask and you keep the mask on at all times," said Raimondo.

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Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he's "very concerned" about the protests that have followed George Floyd's death as the events have significantly increased the chance of spread of COVID-19.


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Airport to Provide Masks for Travelers 

The Rhode Island Airport Corporation has announced it has been informed by the Federal Aviation Administration that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will provide an estimated 182,000 face coverings for airline passengers and personnel at T.F. Green Airport and the state’s public general aviation airports, including Block Island State Airport, Newport State Airport, North Central State Airport, Quonset State Airport, and Westerly State Airport. 

FEMA is providing approximately 87 million cloth face coverings for distribution to airports throughout the nation within the next two weeks, including more than eight pallets for RIAC, containing 22,500 face coverings per pallet, said RIAC.

RIAC continues to remind travelers to respect state and local health advisories regarding COVID-19, reminding passengers at T.F. Green Airport of Rhode Island’s executive orders to wear face coverings in public settings, and the need to continue 14-day self-quarantine requirements for individuals who return to Rhode Island after international travel or domestic travel from regions that have extended stay-at-home orders (public health, public safety, and healthcare workers are exempt.)

T.F. Green Airport cleaning crews continue enhanced sanitizing protocols, utilizing EPA and CDC approved hospital-grade disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers, and automated cleaning technology to efficiently and effectively sanitize escalator railings and other high touch areas throughout the terminal. 

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More Questions Around Coronavirus -- and How Much Earlier Virus Started Before Reported

The BBC is reporting that there is further evidence that the Chinese timeline of the beginning of the coronavirus may not be true.

The BBC reports:

"China reported a cluster of cases on 31 December 2019, but later told the WHO that the earliest symptoms from these patients dated back to 8 December.

But according to unreleased government data obtained by the South China Morning Post (which, I should stress, has not been seen by the BBC) the first case in Wuhan could have been on 17 November, with several further cases that month.

No individual has yet been identified as 'patient zero,' the first person to get infected with the new virus.

The first confirmed cases in the UK were identified on 31 January, when two Chinese nationals tested positive in York.

They caught the virus abroad. The first confirmed case of transmission inside the UK was registered in Surrey on 28 February.

But plenty of people are doubting the official timeline.

The author Catherine Mayer believes it's possible her late husband Andy Gill - guitarist and co-founder of Gang of Four - may have been one of the earliest to be struck down by Covid-19."

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Airport Expansions Curtailed by Coronavirus Fallout

The Wall Street Journal reports:

"As the coronavirus pandemic stifles air travel, major airports around the world are rethinking plans to spend billions of dollars on new terminals, runways and hotels that could sit empty if demand doesn’t return.

San Francisco International Airport is postponing by at least six months a $1 billion terminal renovation formerly slated to start in June. In Florida, Orlando’s airport authority scaled back an expansion to 15 gates from 19. In London, executives at Heathrow Airport say building a third runway isn’t a priority at the moment, and in New Zealand, Auckland Airport is suspending plans for a new terminal and second runway.

Belt-tightening is winning approval from some airlines, which fear such projects could translate into higher fees.

“We don’t need a marble floor,” said Holger Blankenstein, executive vice president of Volaris, a low-cost carrier in Mexico. Keeping airport fees in check, he said, makes it easier for airlines to offer lower fares."

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15,642 Cases in Rhode Island -- 1st New Numbers by RI DOH in 3 days

103,436 Cases in Massachusetts

799 Deaths in RI -- 1st New Numbers by RI DOH in 3 days

7,316 Deaths in Massachusetts

2,012,019 Cases in the United States

112,596 Deaths in the United States

7,141,122 Global Cases

407,296 Global Deaths

3,277,867 Global Recoveries

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GoLocal LIVE -- Tuesday, June 9, 2020

10:00 AM - Zach Levesque, Northpointe Bank, to discuss the real estate economy

11:00 AM - Professor Jennifer Lawless, University of Virginia, to discuss the race for the White House

12:00 PM - Dr. Michael Fine, Former RI Director of Health


EDITOR'S NOTE: Gov. Raimondo has reversed her policy and is now allowing reporters to attend press conferences and directly ask questions.  For more than 6 weeks she had blocked reporters from directly asking questions for the public to hear.


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